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    Natural Beauty - Redefined.


    At Simply Divine, we’re passionate about products that make you look gorgeous with ingredients that make you feel great. That is why every one of our beauty products starts with 100% organic coconut oil.


    It's time to get your glow on!

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  • About Simply Divine

    Natural beauty - redefined.

    Beauty with Confidence

    You can trust us, your skin is safe here. At Simply Divine, you can coconut with confidence because our products don't mess around. No silicones. No dyes. No sulfates. No parabens. No GMO's. Nada. Nilch. Zero. No kidding. Really, no kidding. Only the finest ingredients found on earth will make their way into our beauty products and onto your skin.

    What's the deal with coconut oil, anyways?

    Coconuts are quite the multi-tasker. You can drink it. You can eat it. You can slather it all over your body for crazy good skin. You can soak your strands in it for luscious locks. Sure, it might seem trendy at the moment, but it has actually been used in ancient beauty rituals all around the world for centuries. Have you ever noticed how natives of tropical regions have the most gorgeous skin and hair? #beautygoals, right? But how do they do it? They certainly don't stay out of the sun. The secret is in the coconut, folks.

    Coconut for the win. Always!

    Coconut oil makes skin everything you want it to be—glowy, luscious, healthy, wrinkle-free, hydrated, young, supple, clean and smooth. That’s because it’s made mostly of fatty acids and these good fats help keep skin hydrated by preventing loss of moisture and keeping the good stuff locked in. More specifically, you'll find Lauric, Capric and Caprylic acids which are all known for their strong antimicrobial and antifungal properties, making coconut oil an amazing remedy to almost every skin ailment. Oh yeah, don't forget about the Vitamin E. That little baby is loaded with antioxidants to keep skin ageless whilst protecting against cracking and wrinkling. Are you down for some coconut loving, yet? Yes, please!

    Time to get your coconut on!

    Simply Divine takes coconut oil’s many benefits to the next level by incorporating innovative natural ingredients that enhance the performance of traditional coconut oil and combining them together to create one absolutely divine product. It's Simple. It's Divine....It's Simply Divine.

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    Our manifesto:

    At Simply Divine, we understand what you are looking for in a beauty product.

    We're passionate about products that make you look gorgeous with ingredients that make you feel great.


    Let's get your skin hydrated, healthy, happy and glowing!


    Happy shopping!

  • Our Founder


    Hello. My name is Sara Palacios.


    It's a pleasure to meet you.


    I was born and raised in central Texas. As a child, I spent summers outside with my family and friends, and lived for sports. It wasn't until I got older that I realized the damage all of the wonderful summer days filled with sunshine did to my skin. I tried beauty products but was always weary of the ingredient list. There were always so many scary items listed that I became hesitant to use them. So, I started experimenting with creating my own products. I quickly learned what you put on your skin matters. As your body's largest organ, everything is absorbed directly into your bloodstream. And I wasn't down with slathering toxins on my skin anymore, most especially not my face.


    I did a lot of research and tried a lot of different things. I drove myself nuts trying to find the perfect beauty products that were not only super effective but totally safe. But only one ingredient really stood out - coconut oil! I absolutely fell in love with its benefits and what it did for my skin. It is literally the most incredible ingredient in the world.


    I started to wonder, why isn't there a coconut oil specifically formulated for beauty? Sure, there's the traditional grocery store tubs of coconut oil. But, I wanted more. I wanted luxurious coconut products made specifically for my skin. I wanted high-grade products that not only made me look beautiful, but also smelled incredible, absorbed well without a greasy residue left behind and felt Simply Divine on my skin. I wanted to take beauty up a notch and show people what coconut oil could do for them. That's when I decided to use the perfect ingredient to create the most perfect beauty products on the planet.


    And as the sayin' goes, here we are folks.


    Welcome to Simply Divine.